Here are some highlights!

  • January 12th, Faculty Shabbat Dinner.

  • February 7th, Professor Steven Smith led a seminar on Leo Strauss's essay, "Why We Remain Jews."

  •  February 9th, hostage table on Cross Campus

  •  March 23rd and 24th, as students are returning from spring break, Purim celebrations break out at Chabad with a Moroccan bash on the evening of March 23rd and a Purim drop-in barbecue followed by a Purim feast on Sunday, March 24th

  •  March 27th, Professor Ellen Handler-Spitz delivered a lecture titled: Art, Music, and the Children of Terezin.

  •  April 3rd, “A Milestone of Israeli Science: Dan Shechtman and the Discovery of Quasicrystals” led by Professor Nir Navon

  •  April 9th, Yale Faculty Mission to Israel: Recap and Conversation with professors Ed Kaplan, Steven Schiff, Andres Martin, and Ehud Mendel.

  •  April 10th, “Annihilationist Terrorism and the Causes of October 7”, led by author Henry Kopel

  • April 11th, "Antisemitism, Philosemitism, and Jewish Contributions to European Philosophy." with Professor Paul Franks

  •  April 18th, Chabad at Bulldog Days, meeting pre-frosh at the Extracurricular Fair

  •  SOM Lunch and Learn

 All of this is thanks to you, and your continued support.