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Pledge Shabbat



What is 24/6?

 24/6 is an initiative aimed at sharing the unique Shabbat experience. Join thousands around the world in observing this Shabbat, and share the warmth and beauty of Shabbat with your family and friends. No prior Shabbat experience necessary. 



Friday night/Saturday, March 27-28.



Join us at Chabad at Yale, 36 Lynwood Place for a blowout Shabbat as you have never experienced before.



Imagine a dinner where you are present, no disractions, just engaging and interacting is with the humans sitting around the table. You go to bed and fall into a peaceful slumber without thinking about an email you might receive or a snap you might miss. Waking up, there are no deadlines and there are no notifications, you can give yourself some much needed undivided attention. 


Does this sound impossible? Does it sound like paradise? The Jewish word for it is Shabbat.


How to take the challenge?

Fill out the form below pledging to observe one Shabbat and join us for the Shabbat of a lifetime, one which you will never forget. It will be a Shabbat full of good food, great company, and inspiration.


How do I observe Shabbat?

For more information regarding Shabbat observance Click here.





Share the Challenge with Friends!


Join this epic challenge, go tech-free for a while.


It will change your life!!



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