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Going off to school is an exciting and transformative journey for the young college student—a critical period of life in which the student will forge his or her independent identity, social circles, professional career path, and religious life. To accommodate and support the Jewish college student all through this rite of passage, Chabad at Yale serves as an intimate, vibrant community and a pillar of support for hundreds of Jewish students, regardless of personal beliefs, backgrounds or levels of religious observance.

Shabbat dinner

Join us for a gourmet Shabbat dinner at Chabad and bring your friends.

Friday -
6:45 Kabbalat Shabbat followed by Shabbat dinner
RSVP here

Saturday -
10:30 Shabbat services followed by lunch



Keep your calendar updated with the Chabad at Yale Holiday programs and events.  Enjoy, Learn and Experience the holiday.  



Chabad at Yale Shabbat dinners, allows students to meet new friends and truly experience the majestic beauty of Shabbat.  



Our sages tell us "Torah is compared to water" for without it one cannot survive. Chabad at Yale offers a wide variety of classes - just choose which one suits you and come learn!  


Our new center

The Chabad at Yale is not just another physical structure: It is a home of diversity and acceptance, where all are welcome and included.